The Diabetes Care Center, founded in 1998 by Dr. Allen B. King, is a leader in providing compassionate and comprehensive care for anyone living with diabetes and the complications associated with the disease. The Diabetes Care Center has been serving the Tri-County community and beyond for over eighteen years. Our primary goal is to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes through care, treatment, education and research.

The Diabetes Care Center is readily available to help you manage your diabetes. Our teams of highly skilled doctors, physician assistants and health educators have accumulated over 100 years of clinical experience. They are dedicated to providing medical care and education for patients with diabetes. Our team also works with external providers in our community on a consultation basis to provide them with advice about complex diabetic situations. We can provide continuous service for patients that require ongoing specialty care.

We have several levels of care we can provide. Education is an important factor in the treatment process. We offer diabetes education for our patients so they have the knowledge to make good decisions about their health. In addition to education, we work alongside with our vendor community to bring our patients the latest advancements in medication and devices available.